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Hacked By Mr.T1T4N

Hacked By Mr.T1T4N


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Significance of Architecture in the Quran

Architecture is the mirror of cultural influences that creep into nations, civilisations and religions. Therefore, Arts and Architecture including the cultural heritage, ancient monuments, mausoleums, tombs and other historic sites are given paramount significance in all faith traditions and their scriptures in various symbolic ways.

The same holds true for Islam too. Besides common sense of preserving history and culture, Muslims were inspired by the Qur’anic exhortations to safeguard their monuments. The Qur’an calls historical monuments ‘symbols of Allah’ (Sha’air-ul-Lah) and enjoins their preservation as a means to achieve Taqwa al-Qulub (purity of hearts) (22:32).

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The third or final Ashra of Ramadan has gained significance due to various significant events in Islamic history that occurred during these days. Among these events is the most holy night (Layla-tul-Qadr), on which the first Holy verses of the Qur'an were revealed to Prophet Muhammad. The Jummat-ul-wida is the second most significant event (The last Friday of the Holy month Ramadan). During the last Ashra of Ramadan, every believer of the Islamic ideology is expected to keenly and interestingly follow and perform duties such as Huqooq-ul-Allah (Prayer, Fasting, etc.) and Huqooq-ul-Ibaad (Excellent acts as well as moral behaviour with others).

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Masaarif e Zakaat Who are the Legitimate Recipients of Zakat Can We Give Zakaat to Educational Institutions

“You shall not attain righteousness unless you spend on others of that which you love, and whatever you spend, verily God has knowledge of it.”

(The Glorious Qur’an: 3:92, Translated by Dr. Mohammad Tahir-ul-Qadri)

Literally, Zakaat means “purification” or “cleansing”. Though it encompasses the purification of all of one’s possession, it refers, most specifically, to one’s enormous wealth. However, it purifies not only the wealth of the giver but also his heart and mind from miserliness, greed and all selfish tendencies.

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MLRC Introduced to An Educated Audience and Parents A Report On the Recent Event Held in New Delhi

During the Roza Kushai ceremony of a young girl child in Atlantic World, Kalindi Kunj, New Delhi, Mr. Ghulam Rasool Dehlvi introduced MLRC (Minhaj Learning & Research Centre) and stressed the need of Ethical and Spiritual Literacy for Children to an educated audience and mixed gathering of parents.

A beautiful Iftar event was held to celebrate the first Roza (fast) of a young girl named Arshiya. It was a programme designed to educate and encourage young children to embrace the spirit of Islam and instil a sense of religiousness and God-conciousness in them. There are many programmes on Islamic occasions and many others that are frequently held, but this is a good opportunity for the children to become more inclined and interested in learning more about Islam, Mr. Dehlvi said.

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