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Department of Foundation Studies

Department of Foundation Studies

The MLRC “Foundation Studies” programme is an initial step in defining our students’ life and outlook on an ethical, socio-religious, moral, professional, academic, and personal basis.The early days at the MLRC will mould the way the students should go ahead.

In this department, our students will learn to adopt the essential ethical and spiritual personality traits and regulate undesirable behaviour tendencies.

A student’s personality and significant growth throughout the early years of his or her life is the key focus of the Department of Foundation Studies.

As the holy Prophet (peace be upon him) commanded us: “Seek knowledge from the Cradle to the Grave”, this department serves as the ‘cradle’ to bring up our students, children and beginners to prepare them for the intermediate and higher studies in other departments of the MLRC.

The course content in this department has been designed to properly guide the students to enhance their talents, spiritual and moral capital. This is because the MLRC education system offers a long-term investment in human capital, providing noble character and great talent to the next generation.